CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: our work is still classed as essential where people are moving home. Mortgage applications and priority moving are still going ahead. We take every precaution, using proper 3m masks, gloves, and most importantly, we use alcohol wipes. We are using reduced sized teams. Working responsibly and being cautious may take a little longer. STAY SAFE!!

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Moving Costs / Prices

Move and Remove apologize since fixed-cost moving services are no longer offered as standard, although still available by arrangement.

We take great pride in our skills, speed and efficiency. Our services have always been great and are now even better

Our hourly rates are as follows:

  • £35 per hour for van and driver or "man with a van"
  • £55 per hour for 2 porters and 1 van
  • £40 per hour for keys delay
  • £75 per hour for 3 porters and 2 vans
  • £60 per hour for keys delay
  • £85 per hour for 4 porters and 2 vans
  • £70 per hour for keys delay
  • £110 per hour for 5 porters and 3 or 4 vans
  • £90 per hour for keys delay

Please note these prices especially apply if you are buying and selling on moving day as there may be a delay in keys release. Thank you for understanding.

(hourly rate to include all drive time)

It is important that you follow our removal preparations guidelines.

This is for our health and safety as well as efficiency and the safety of your contents. We ask you to show consideration for us, as our diligence always shows the same for you.

Please try to avoid:

  1. leaving lots of small loose items unboxed
  2. excessive box weight - books, for example, are best in smaller boxes
  3. adding more boxes/baggage/luggage/bric-a-brac etc. than you specified for your quote

Most importantly! Tell us about any changes to your requirements, but not at the last minute.


Opening hours:
8am to 8pm, 7 days

Most credit and debit cards accepted.

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